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Canine Agility of Central Minnesota

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betty Johnson

Betty has been an agility competitor for 13 years and a trainer for CACM for seven years.  I thoroughly enjoy the sport because it is great working with your best friend and developing a relationship with them.  Each of my dogs has taught me many different things, the most important being have fun with your dog!

My oldest dog Zeus (Sheltie – now retired) earned his OA and OAJ and his OAC and OJC.

Ollie (Sheltie) is ten years old and loves to do agility.  He has his MX, MXJ and NF in AKC.  In NADAC he has earned, ECC, EAC, EJC, S-WV-N, S-TG-N, S-TN-E.  In CPE he has earned ChST, ChJP, ChWC, ChSN, ChCO, ChFH and C-ATCH2.

Jewel (Sheltie – the princess) is six years old and does agility to be with mom.  In AKC she has earned a NA, NAJ, AXP, OAP and NFP.  In CPE she has her CL-3 and is working on Level 4 requirements.