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Introduction to Nosework/Scentwork

This is a 4-week introductory course on Thursday evenings starting August 15th from 6:00pm - 7:30pm. Cost is $55 for members and $65 for non-members. Contact Lynn Arlt, Director of Training at 320-828-3149 or arltlynn@gmail.com.

Nosework is fun for all types of dogs- young, old, and even dogs with some disabilities! Our focus will be on building success and having fun! Nosework can help build the confidence of new or shy dogs. It will be helpful if your dog knows some basic obedience. Nosework is done one at a time with the other dogs contained either on leash or in a crate.

We understand some dogs may be reactive but aggression of any sort toward other dogs or people will not be tolerated. If you have a reactive dog please contact us before class for safety tips.

Nosework or scentwork uses essential oils on pieces of Q-Tips as the “hide” which the dog must then find in various scenarios or environments. To begin Nosework, we will be pairing the scent or hide with treats and then expanding the hides into objects as the dog begins to understand the job of finding the hide.

Please bring a chair and have your dog in a flat collar or harness with a 6 foot leash. A crate is also recommended if your dog is crate-trained. Bring LOTS of very small, soft treats that have high value to your dog. Some examples are hot dogs, cheese, or soft training treats.

If you and your dog enjoy nosework and wish to go on in the sport, more and more venues are adding nose or scent work trials and titles. Your dog does NOT need to be apurebred to compete but must be registered with the sponsoring organization.