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Canine Agility of Central Minnesota

Class Descriptions

Instructors vary by class - please see ring schedule and registration form for instructor information. Class size limited to 8.

Puppy Agility 1: Requirement: puppies 7 weeks-5 months

A fun class for your future agility dog and building team work. Puppies will learn obedience behaviors basic to agility. They will learn to interact with objects with confidence and navigate obstacles designed to build body awareness. All equipment will be puppy size. Bring treats, water and a mat to class.

Puppy Agility 2: Requirement: Completion of Puppy Agility 2

Continuation of Puppy Agility 1.

Agility Foundations 1: Requirement: 5 months and older

This course is all about you, your canine partner and learning the basics of agility training. In Foundations 1 you will learn how to train skills in: impulse control, building drive, calming a dog, handler focus, obstacle focus, surface desensitization, core strengthening and connection-cuing-commitment. No prior agility training, knowledge or experience is necessary. Basic obedience is suggested but not required.

Agility Foundations 2: Requirement: Completion of Foundations 1

Continuation of foundations skills.

Beginner Agility  Requirement: Completion of Foundations classes, ability to sequence obstacles.

This class will be a continuation of skills learned in the Foundation classes. Sequences, weave pole work, contact work, preparing to compete. This course may be repeated.

Intermediate Agility Requirement: Completion of Beginner skills

All dogs and handlers must be able to navigate all equipment. Ability to navigate at least 6 weave poles. This class will offer more complex sequencing and longer courses. There will be a focus on obstacle discrimination, footwork and verbal commands. This class may be repeated.

Advance Coursework: Requirement: Completion of Intermediate agility

This class continues to build on skills learned from previous classes. More complex and longer sequences, distance work, course analysis and strategies.

Course Challenges Requirement: Ability to navigate all equipment and sequencing. Intermediate/Advance

You and your canine partner will be faced with a new course challenge each week, you will demo, practice and then be ready to conquer the challenge. We will identify key canine running lines, handling positions, and reinforcement spots. Teach our dogs to look ahead, recognize cued patterns and to execute them cleanly. Apply various handling techniques while minimizing our physical efforts and maximizing our dog’s drive and focus. And of course, we will laugh and celebrate our follies and successes.

Rally Obedience Requirement: Basic Obedience Skills

Rally Obedience is a sport that allows the dog/handler team to navigate a course of “stations” exhibiting various skills. It provides a link between traditional obedience and agility, promoting fun and enjoyment for dogs at all levels of competition. Unlimited communication from the handler to the dog is encouraged and promoted. This is a sport that promotes teamwork, focus and communication between the dog and the handler.