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Canine Agility of Central Minnesota

Class Descriptions

Instructors vary by class - please see ring schedule and registration form for instructor information.

Puppy Agility 1: Requirement: puppies 8 weeks-6 months

A fun class for your future agility dog and a new way to play with your puppy. Puppies will learn obedience behaviors basic to agility. They will learn to interact with objects with confidence  and navigate obstacles designed to build body awareness. Beginning team building. All equipment will be puppy size. Bring treats, water and a mat to class.

Puppy Agility 2: Requirement: Completion of Puppy Agility 1

Puppy Agility 2 will continue and advance skills from Puppy Agility 1. 

Agility Foundations 1: (Requirement: 6 months of age and up)

Laying the “groundwork” is the basis of this class which will concentrate on the tools needed to success start in agility. Positive training methods will be utilized to work on many areas: building a good working relationship, obedience for agility, attention and focus work, motivation and target training are a few of the skills that will be covered. Introduction of the tunnel and low jumps. Introduction to Front Cross and rear Cross. Bring treats, water and a mat to class.

Agility Foundations 2 (Requirement: Completion of Foundations 1)

Foundations 2 continues to build basic agility skills. Focus on working as a team. 

Agility Foundations 3 (Requirement: Completion of Foundations 1 and 2)

Continuation of Foundations 2. Longer sequences using jumps tunnels and contacts. Introduction to weave poles using the 2x2 weave pole method.

Beginner Agility  (Requirement: Completion of Foundations classes)

This class will be a continuation of skills learned in Foundations agility. Longer sequences, full height contacts, weave pole work, front and rear crosses. This course may be repeated.

Intermediate Agility ( Requirement: dogs  and handlers must be able to navigate all equipment).

This class will offer more complex sequencing and longer courses. Focusing on obstacle discrimination, use of body language , hand signals, footwork and verbal commands. This class may be repeated.

Advance Coursework: (Requirement: Completion of Intermediate Agility)

This class continues  to build on skills learned from previous classes. More complex and longer sequences, distance work, course analysis and strategies. More complex use of crosses and turns

Agility Handling Skills (Requirement: 80 % proficiency on obstacles)

Each session will focus on a specific skill such as Front Crosses. Analysis of using the skill, practice of the skill with and without the dog. Each class will conclude with a challenge run, including the new team skill.

Advance Weaves with distance and obstacles (Requirement: Ability to complete at least 6 weave pole)

Teams will work on extreme entries, sending to weaves, calling through weaves, crosses to weaves, distance to weaves, independent weaves.

Rally Obedience (Requirement: Basic Obedience Skills)

Rally Obedience is a sport that allows the dog/handler team to navigate a course of “stations” exhibiting various skills. It provides a link between traditional obedience and agility promoting fun and enjoyment for dogs at all levels of competition. Unlimited communication from the handler to the dog is encouraged and promoted. This is a sport that promotes teamwork, focus and communication between the dog and the handler.

Introduction to Scent Work (Requirement: Six months and older)

Dogs love to sniff. Scent work encourages them  to follow their noses while learning to search for odor. This is a fun activity for any dog with a nose. Great for older dogs, and people looking for an exciting low impact dog sport.